Buy Cool Gadgets Under 500 on Amazon India Today Itself

Cool Gadgets Under 500 on Amazon India: If you are also looking for the best gadgets at affordable prices and cannot find them, then let us end your search today. Today we have brought you the best Cool Gadgets Under 500 on Amazon India, which can be used in daily life.

Gadgets Under 500 on Amazon India

There are many better gadgets available on Amazon but the gadgets we are going to talk about today will not only be available at the best price but will also be of the best quality.

All these gadgets are related to tech which are essential for your home and will touch your heart. So without any delay, let us know about these Gadgets under 500 on Amazon India.

5. Amazon Basics Portable Multimedia Speaker

Amazon Basics Portable Multimedia Speaker is a great gadget that you can connect with a laptop and PC. It comes with a small size and 6W output.

Cool Gadgets Under 500 on Amazon India

It is portable and available with USB charging. Its music quality is very good. It gives a very attractive look in black color. The price of this gadget is Rs 459 and it comes with one year warranty. You can buy this app from Amazon.

Brand:- Amazon basics

Model name:- ABPCS 1001

Speaker type:- Component

Connectivity technology:- Auxiliary

Distinctive feature portable:- USB charging

4. Panasonic LED 9.5W 5CH Smart Bulb

This 9.5W smart LED bulb from the Panasonic brand is a very good gadget. This bulb connects with Google Assistant and Alexa.

_____Cool Gadgets Under 500 on Amazon India

By connecting with Google Assistant and Alexa, you can also control its brightness through voice. Features like Bluetooth and WiFi are also provided in it.

If you have forgotten to turn off this smart bulb, then you can turn it off and on from anywhere with the help of the app. This smart blob lights up with multicolor. The price of this smart bulb is only Rs 299. It can be used especially for home and parties.

Brand:- Panasonic

Type of light:- LED

Distinctive feature music:- Sync Function, Dimmable, Voice Control, Dimmable

Wattage:- 9.5 watts

Bulb shape size:- A21

Bulb base:- B22D

Thermal equivalent wattage:- 60 Watts

Light color:- Multicolored

Voltage240:- volts

Total Quantity:- 1 count

3. ZEBRONICS PHERO Wired Gaming Mouse

It is a stylish and lightweight wired gaming mouse that is portable and easy to use on a daily basis. This mouse has a DPI button which can be adjusted to 800/1200 and 1600 for smooth cursor movement.

Cool Gadgets Under 500 on Amazon India

It can connect with PCs and laptops. The price of this gadget is Rs 249 and it comes with a warranty of 1 year.


Colour:- Black

Distinctive feature:- led spotlight

Movement Detection Technology:- Optical

Number of buttons:- 4

2. Amazon Basics 64 GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive

Amazon Basics 64 GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive is a good product priced under Rs 500. Due to USB 3.0, data transfer is done in a very fast and secure manner.

Cool Gadgets Under 500 on Amazon India

In this, data transfer happens at a faster rate than 120MB/s. It works 15 times faster than USB 2.0. Its body is made of metal which provides a very attractive look.

You can connect to it from Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, and Apple Macbook. It comes with a year’s warranty. Its price on Amazon is Rs 499.

Brand:- Amazon basics

Memory storage capacity:- 64 GB

Hardware interface:- USB

Distinctive feature:- Compact

Writing speed:- 120

1. RPM Euro Games Wireless Gaming Mouse

RPM Euro Games is a wireless gaming mouse that comes in the list of Gadgets under 500 on Amazon India. It is a wireless, portable, rechargeable, LED-lighted mouse.

Cool Gadgets Under 500 on Amazon India

This mouse has a 500mAh battery, along with a USB cable for charging, 6 types of lights light up automatically in it, which feels very awesome. Its price is Rs 499, this gadget is available with a one-year warranty. It can operate with Windows, Apple Macbook Air, and Android.

Brand:- RPM Euro Games

Model Name Wireless:- Gaming mouse compatible

Devices:- Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone controller

Type:- Gamepad

Connectivity technology:- USB

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