Sad Reality: Israeli Soldiers’ Cruelty Towards Palestinians

Israeli Soldiers’ Cruelty Towards Palestinians: There have been a remarkable number of videos posted by Israeli soldiers on social media depicting themselves pillaging property, mocking the death and destruction that they are causing, and most egregiously, torturing, humiliating, and mocking detained Palestinian prisoners. These images are a testament to what Palestinians have long been saying, which is that this settler colonial regime is utterly violent. They show the nature through which this genocide is unfolding in the Gaza Strip and the extreme brutality, torture, and utter disregard for human life.

Dehumanization and Torture

The videos posted by Israeli soldiers lack specific intelligence about who might be a member of Hamas, and as a result, they are rounding up everyone to extract information through interrogation. The fact that the detained Palestinians are stripped to their underwear is a manifestation of cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment, which is also illegal. Moreover, the soldiers photographing these acts and treating them as trophy shots further emphasize the dehumanization and torture that the Palestinians are subjected to.

Purposeful Harm and Vulnerability

When soldiers purposefully harm someone who is in custody, it epitomizes torture in general. The custodial relationship between the soldiers and the prisoners is a particularly vulnerable one, where the prisoners are completely powerless. The images captured by the soldiers show us how central imprisonment and carceral practices are to this settler colonial regime.

Violence Beyond the Gaza Strip

The torture, humiliation, and degrading conduct against Palestinians is not solely restricted to the Gaza Strip. Some images and videos have been circulating in the West Bank. Since October 7th, over 7,000 Palestinians have been detained, which is an unprecedented number. Israeli soldiers have taken it upon themselves to convert their destruction of Palestinian homes, hospitals, mosques, universities, churches, and schools into entertainment videos. These videos showcase the soldiers ransacking homes, confiscating personal belongings, and mocking and humiliating the Palestinian civilians.

Discourse of Dehumanization

The videos further reinforce a discourse that is prevalent in every sector of the Israeli official machinery, where all Palestinians are considered the enemy. Many officials have openly expressed that Palestinians deserve to be eliminated. This discourse is manifested in the soldiers’ actions as they destroy Palestinian homes and dehumanize the Palestinian civilians. The consumption of these images fortifies the anger, hatred, and anti-Palestinian sentiment, while completely disregarding the humanity of Palestinian civilians.

Israeli Soldiers' Cruelty Towards Palestinians
___________Israeli Soldiers’ Cruelty Towards Palestinians

Belief in Immunity

Israeli soldiers exhibit a high level of confidence that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. They provoke and challenge the world to take action, believing that they are immune and exempted from complying with international and human rights laws. The lack of sanctions by the international community has only reinforced their belief that they are above the law.

Reservists and Broad Audience

Since the beginning of this genocidal war, reservists from various professions have been called up, including teachers, professors, students, doctors, medics, artists, writers, and journalists. The images and videos posted by Israeli soldiers are not only directed at a small audience but also to a broad audience. They continue the long-standing practice of racializing and dehumanizing Palestinians, showcasing how Israeli violence is not only directed toward Palestinian livelihood but also their material beings, including their houses and belongings.

The Infliction of Violence

History has taught us that the dehumanization of subjects is essential to the infliction of violence. Israel has perfected this discourse and practice, dating back to the beginning of the state when Palestinians were expelled, degraded, humiliated, killed, and effectively forcibly disappeared.


The videos posted by Israeli soldiers on social media platforms depict the sad reality of the cruelty and violence towards Palestinians. These images and videos not only expose the extreme brutality but also highlight the dehumanization and torture that Palestinians are subjected to. It is disheartening to witness the lack of consequences for these actions, which only reinforces the soldiers’ belief that they are above international laws and basic human rights. The international community must take a stand against these atrocities and demand accountability.


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