Upendra Rawat Viral Video: BJP MP Upendra Rawat’s MMS with a woman leaked, Watch Video!

Upendra Rawat Viral Video: These days a BJP MP is going viral very fast on the internet. People want to watch this Upendra Rawat Viral Video a lot and are also sharing this video a lot. Let me tell you that the leader seen in this video is a well-known worker of the BJP party, and in this video, he is seen in an objectionable position with a foreign woman.

Upendra Rawat Viral Video
____Upendra Rawat Viral Video
You may be aware that MPs have started preparations for these two Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, the obscene video of the BJP MP is going viral and is rapidly circulating on people’s mobile phones. Let me tell you that this MMS went viral on Sunday. This video is said to be of an MP from Uttar Pradesh, although this has not been confirmed yet. This video is rapidly circulating on people’s mobile phones, in the video an MP is seen with a foreign woman. If you also want to know this news in complete detail, then stay till the end of this article, so let’s start without any delay.

Upendra Rawat Viral Video

These days the video of BJP MP is going viral on the internet. This video is of Barabanki MP Upendra Singh Rawat. BJP announced 51 Lok Sabha seats of UP yesterday i.e. on Saturday. BJP once again expressed confidence in the sitting MP Upendra Singh Rawat and gave him the ticket again. After this, there was a queue of people congratulating Upendra Singh Rawat. Meanwhile, along with the Parliament, the obscene video of the foreign woman started going viral very fast.

In the video circulated, the MP is seen doing obscene acts with women in the hotel room on different dates. There are accompanying video clips, each with a time limit of 5 minutes and 1 second. It seems that this video has been made through a CC camera. The sound of the song along with the DJ is also coming from the background of the first video. It seems that there is someplace where the auspicious program is going on.

Upendra Rawat Viral Video
______Upendra Rawat Viral Video

Efforts are being made to tarnish the image

Private Secretary of Parliament Dinesh Chandra Rawat said in the complaint given in Nagar Kotwali that to tarnish the image of Parliament, an objectionable video against Parliament is being circulated on the internet media, which is an edited video. Register a case against those who broadcast the video.


BJP District President Arvind Kumar Maurya said that making the video viral is a political plant against MP Upendra Singh Rawat. His opponents and rivals have become nervous after getting the ticket again. The people of the district will answer this conspiracy. Every child is familiar with the work and behavior of the Parliament.

Upendra Rawat Viral Video
______Upendra Rawat Viral Video

FAQs: Unveiling the Truth Behind Upendra Rawat Viral Video

  1. Is the viral video confirmed to feature Upendra Singh Rawat?
    • As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding the identity of the individual in the video.
  2. What is the response of the BJP to the controversy?
    • BJP has expressed confidence in Upendra Singh Rawat, reiterating their support for him in the upcoming elections.
  3. Are there legal actions being taken against those spreading the video?
    • Yes, a complaint has been filed by Parliament’s Private Secretary, urging legal action against those responsible for circulating the edited video.
  4. How is the opposition reacting to the controversy?
    • The opposition claims that the viral video is a political plant against Upendra Singh Rawat, fueled by nervous rivals after he secured the party ticket again.
  5. What impact might this controversy have on Upendra Rawat’s political career?
    • Only time will tell how this scandal influences Upendra Rawat’s political career, as the public weighs the evidence and responds to the unfolding events.

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