Harda Factory Blast: ‘Seeing the first video of Harda blast, it felt like a nuclear bomb…’, CM Mohan Yadav said in the Assembly.

Harda Factory Blast: The explosion in the firecracker factory: The explosion in the firecracker factory

Harda Factory Blast: Congress MLA from Harda Ram Kishore Dogne alleged that this factory has been running for 15 to 20 years, and 600 to 700 people work in it.

Harda Factory Blast: The explosion in the firecracker factory in the Harda district of Madhya Pradesh was discussed in the Assembly. During this discussion, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that after seeing the first video after the explosion, it seemed as if an atomic bomb had exploded. Initially, we were not in a position to say whether this was a terrorist incident or what.

Harda Factory Blast
______Harda Factory Blast

Opposition party Congress in the Assembly brought an adjournment motion to discuss the Harda firecracker blast case. Assembly Speaker Narendra Singh Tomar accepted this proposal and decided to hold a discussion.

The discussion was initiated by senior Congress MLA Ramnivas Rawat. Rawat said, “The Harda blast was so horrific that 12 people died, 60 houses were destroyed, dead bodies were strewn on the roads, human organs were lying on the roads. This blast shows that there was not just a twine bomb there. Because a twine bomb cannot cause such a big Harda Factory Blast, apart from the twine bomb, the work of making gelatin would also be being done there.”

He further said, “The factory where the explosion took place could work for 500 people. This fact has come to light time and again that child laborers and many other laborers also worked in it. At the time of the Harda Factory Blast, “No information was available about how many laborers were working there at that time.” Congress MLA Rawat earlier cited the blasts that took place in other parts of the state and raised questions on administrative negligence. Demanded a judicial inquiry into this incident.

Congress MLA from Harda Ram Kishore Dogne alleged that this factory has been running for 15 to 20 years and 600 to 700 people work in it. His record has not been found yet. Congress and the ruling party also presented their views regarding the incident.

Factory owner still had license even after suspension

According to Narmadapuram Commissioner Pawan Kumar Sharma, the Agarwal brothers had a total of 4 licenses from two state governments and two district headquarters for the place where the blast took place in Bairagarh, Harda. In this, the state government gives a license for 300 kg and the district collectorate gives a license for 15 kg.

Harda Factory explosion
_____Harda Factory Blast

It is being told that in the year 2022, Harda Collector Rishi Garg had suspended a license of a 15 kg firecracker factory of the Agarwal brothers, but later after getting a stay, Divisional Commissioner Mal Singh heard the Collector and asked for a resolution. Was there, but on one hand, the license was suspended. Even after this, the factory owner had licenses for 300 kg each.

How did the Agarwal brothers start the business?

It is said that the factory owner Rajesh Aggarwal used to make firecrackers by giving gunpowder to the nearby people. In the year 2015, he had taken a warehouse in a farm on rent of Rs 3000 per month and started manufacturing firecrackers, when two lives were lost in an accident. In this case, Agarwal was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the year 2021 but got bail from the High Court.

The factory started running again. According to the then Harda SDM Shruti Aggarwal, I had submitted the investigation report to the Collector on non-compliance with safety standards. Collector Rishi Garg had ordered to sealing of the factory. In this matter, Harda SDM KC Parte says that the then Divisional Commissioner Malsingh had given a stay to Rajesh till the next hearing, but he reopened the factory.

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