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how to make moon water

Astrologers, magicians, and mystics can all agree on the power of the moon. It is one of the two luminous entities in our sky (alongside the sun) and holds significant importance in astrology and various spiritual traditions. Working with the moon and its phases can be a remarkably potent tool for expression and magic.

Firstly, a little background: The moon governs its subtle, subconscious, and natural aspects, and its phases reflect our changing moods. When we align ourselves with the moon, we are tapping into an ancient flow of energy. An easy way to work with the moon is to make moon water.

What is moon water?

Simply put, moon water is the water charged by the moon. You can leave water out in the moonlight to get charged by the moon’s glow. Because the moon affects the tides of the ocean, there’s already an energetic connection between the water element and the moon. When you combine intention (and perhaps a crystal or two), you create a tool that can be used for everything from watering your plants to incorporating it in ritual baths and even for cleansing your home.

lunar water

How does moon water work?

Moon water works for two reasons – first, because of the nature of the water element. Energetically, water is receptive. It absorbs the energy or intent from anything it comes into contact with. In the case of moon water, it acts as a mental sponge, holding the energy that the moon is channeling from the cosmos into our world. This way, water becomes a kind of talisman that holds the lunar energy for use in mantras or rituals for the future.

The potency or energy of the moon-charged water you create will depend on the phase of the moon you’ve charged it under. Since the full moon is the moon’s strongest, most vibrant, and powerful expression, it’s usually the time when moon water is created.

When to make moon water?

Moon water is traditionally charged during the full moon in the moonlight, when the moon is at its most potent and we can easily connect with our intuition. During a gibbous moon, when the moon is almost full, you can also make moon water. A word of caution: never place water on the moon during an eclipse – the eclipse’s energy overshadows the moon’s energy, making it an inauspicious time for this kind of work.

Whatever moon phase you choose, check which zodiac sign the moon is in, as it will affect the energy of the water. For example, during a full moon under Taurus ruled by Venus, moon water can enhance love and joy, while during a full moon under Gemini ruled by Mercury, moon water can assist you in claiming your voice.

How to Make Moon Water

Ingredients for Moon Water

  • A jar or container (I recommend a mason jar or any clear glass jar, but any container like a cup or even a Tupperware will do).
  • Water (from a tap, bottle, river… just make sure it’s safe to drink if that’s your plan!)
  • A label to note the date of your moon water and the moon’s sign and phase.
  • Water-safe crystals like rose quartz, clear quartz, or lapis lazuli (optional).
  • Cleansing herbs like mugwort (associated with the moon), lavender (for relaxation and healing), rosemary (for protection), or sweetgrass (for positive energy) (optional).
  • A lighter and a bowl to burn the herbs (optional).
  • Intentions, such as peace, love, or acceptance (optional).

moon water

Instructions for Moon Water

  1. Choose and get ready your moon water container first. You can cleanse your jar or container with the smoke of your cleansing herbs, affix your label, and start by placing crystals in your jar.
  2. Then, pour in your water. You can use water from any source, whether it’s from the tap or a nearby river. Just a note: consider what you want to use your moon water for in the future and choose water that suits your purpose. If you plan to use it to water your garden, local river water will do; if you plan to use it to remove your makeup, you might want something cleaner!
  3. Place the jar somewhere outside (if you don’t have the option to go outside, place it by a window) so it can absorb the moon’s energy. Remember, even if you can’t see the full moon, the water will still be charged.
  4. If you wish, you can take some time to meditate with your moon water before going to bed. Place your palms above the water and imagine the moon’s energy flowing from the top of your head, down your spine and arms, and into the water through your palms. While doing this, focus on the intention you’re setting and then express gratitude to the universe for allowing you to connect with the cosmos.
  5. Finally, leave the water to charge throughout the night. In the morning, you’ll have your moon water!

How to Determine Intentions with Moon Water

While making moon water for a general purpose (like absorbing moon energy) is never a bad idea, it can also be used with specific intentions in mind. Before you decide on your intention, check which zodiac sign the moon is in during the time you want to charge it. Learn about the energy associated with that sign.

So, for instance, during a full moon in Libra, it could be great for intentions related to love magic because Libra is ruled by the love planet, Venus. On the other hand, a full moon in Capricorn (governed by Saturn, the planet of structure and obstacles) might be better for intentions focused on breaking boundaries.

water on moon

Once you’ve figured out how you want to work with the moon phase and sign, be clear about the intention you’re setting. Write it down in the present tense (as it tells the universe that this intention is already yours and not something that’s going to happen in the future). At the end of my intentions, I always add, “This or something better, for the good of all,” just to ensure that I’m still open to the universe’s possibilities.

Once you’ve made your moon water, read your intention aloud and again place your palms above the water. Charge your moon water like silver, imagining the silver moon energy flowing from the top of your head, down your spine, through your arms, and into the water through your palms. Keep visualizing this energy flowing into the water until you feel that the water is charged and shining like silver in alignment with your intentions. Voilà, you’ve charged your moon water!

 The Magic of the Moon through Zodiac Signs

Moon water is a beautiful thing, and the best part is that you can personalize it according to your desires. You can work with your birth chart to create moon water, which can be an additional aid for any spells or rituals you might be doing and start your inspiration. Below, you can use the list provided to read for your Sun or Moon sign, or even your Venus sign, to determine how you will use the water of your moon for magical purposes.


As a symbol of fire, you can make water on the moon to balance your spark. If you want to work around healing, matters of the heart, or your emotions, make the moon water under a water sign moon. Use this water to apply on your heart, to pour over yourself in the shower, or mix it with essential oils and use it as a room spray.


You are a stubborn and stable sign, dear Taurus, so make moon water under the moon of a fire sign to gain control over your bodily passions and strengths, or truly make that relaxation you love and deserve by making it under a water sign moon. Use this moon water for a face mask, to cleanse your altar, for making a fire cider, or for anything that feels invigorating.


To channel your creativity, vision, and expression, make moon water under a Gemini or Sagittarius moon. Dear Gemini, it’s always a party for you, so use this tool to make life even more like a party. Use the moon water for arts and self-expression, whether you’re painting with watercolors or tending to a garden.


As the only sign ruled by the moon, you can delve deep into it and make moon water during a Cancer moon or any other water sign moon. Use this moon water to go deeper into your heart and self-love practices, for a bath, for your face mask, or to drink for the lunar energy you’re connected to.


Being ruled by the Sun, you can work with the moon under a Cancer moon to balance your radiant glow. Use moon water made under this Cancer moon for bathing in candlelight, for crying in water, or for making ink for automatic writing.


Dear Virgo, tap into the opposite end of your sign by making moon water under a Pisces moon. Use your moon water for artistry, from dyeing with watercolors to similar endeavors, and use it as a practice in your creative offerings and the blessing of disorderliness, no matter how odd it may seem.


If you find difficulty in focusing on the big picture or making major decisions, make moon water under an air sign moon or any other air sign moon. Use this to charge yourself to spread the courageous ventures of this visionary sign. Keep a glass of Libra moon water near your bed or use it on your altar to bless yourself with the energies of peace, presence, and balance.


Why not claim the potent powers of your intrinsic magic and make moon water under a Scorpio moon or any other water sign moon? Charge your moon water with the energies of sex, death, and rebirth, and use it for a purifying bath before any sex magical workings or place it near your bed to drink during lovemaking for maintaining your energy.


To amplify this sign’s visionary and adventurous work, make moon water under an Aquarius moon or any other air sign moon. The energy of Aquarius can help you stay true to your goals. You can drink the moon water, give it to a plant, or use it to mop the floor to cleanse your space.


Finally, you’re the sea goat, so use water sign moon water to ease, surrender, and enjoy. Create moon water, then take a bath with Epsom salt and lunar herbs like jasmine and mugwort to indulge in a bath that brings you back to peace, presence, and serenity. Let it wash away any stress, so you can move like the moon’s phases.

 Aquarius Horoscope

Dear Aquarius, you might be the bearer of water, but you are still an air sign. Use the water of the moon to feel more and think less. Get creative – use it to paint with watercolors, clean your acrylic brushes, or mix a little with Indian ink to practice creating seals or automatic writing. Use the water of the moon in your beauty rituals to enter the tender parts of your mind with self-love and feel the power in your heart.

Pisces Horoscope

To enhance your creativity and vision, use the water of the fire moon. Use it as a sacred offering with a candle as a prasad to balance your watery nature. You can also place a jar of the moon’s water with a lit candle underneath to balance your solar and lunar influences. Use this water to cleanse your body, face, or clear your space with some creative energy.

can we drink lunar water

How to Use Moon Water

Alright, so you’ve made your moon water. You’re in luck because there are lots of choices:

  • Use it to purify any ritual tools, crystals, or your altar or other sacred area.
  • Incorporate it into a ritual bath.
  • Use it to cleanse your floors (yes, you can mix it with your pine-sol!).
  • Dip your brushes in it while painting.
  • Use it to water your plants.
  • Create a scented room spray by mixing it with essential oils and alcohol.
  • Use it in your essential oil diffuser.
  • Drink it to absorb its energy into your body.
  • Use it as a way to energetically cleanse yourself, by anointing your body.
  • Use moon water to brew your tea. Mix herbs or herbal teas that resonate with your intentions – like lavender for healing, mugwort for divination, or rose for love, then enjoy the ritual of sipping it! P.S: Make sure to use drinkable water for this!
  • Sprinkle moon water in the corners of your space and invite the energy of the moon to dispel any negativity or stagnation in your home.
  • Offer moon water to any deity associated with the moon or water, like Isis, Diana, or Venus, as a form of offering.
  • Use moon water to connect with your ancestors by using it as a portal to link with them.

How to Use Moon Water for Expression

You can use moon water by charging it with your intentions and using it by sipping or incorporating it in a mantra or ritual bath to manifest. Follow the above steps to set your intention with the moon water, write it in the present tense.

After creating your moon water, you can drink it to absorb the energy within you, or you can use it in a bath and mix herbs that align with what you are manifesting (like rose for love, peppermint for money, or eucalyptus for cleansing and healing).

To harness the power of the full moon, you can use sex magic to work on your orgasms for manifesting. Channel your intentions at the peak and then send this energy up to the cosmos from the top of your head. Once your work is done, drink some charged moon water and if you wish, anoint yourself on your sexual center (below the navel), on your heart, and on your third eye (between your brows) to complete your ritual.

How to Use Moon Water in Your Beauty Routine

The best thing about moon water is that you can be creative in how you use it. Use it to wash your face and invoke the blessings of the moon while doing so. (Again, if you’re planning to use moon water in your skincare routine, make sure you’re using potable water, not river or sea water!) Beauty is cyclical and always evolving, and so is the moon.

If you have water-based beauty products, you can use some of the moon’s water to work with them. Alternatively, you can make a face spray with your moon water, but you might want to use distilled water for that – you can mix organic rose petals for your facial toner and use your (distilled!) moon water that the moon has blessed.

Historical significance

The idea of the use of moon-charged water has its origins in prehistoric societies, whilst the moon became revered and regarded as having tremendous electricity. Many cultures had rituals concerning moon-charged water, each attributing exceptional powers to the moon and its effects on water.

Current Attraction

Traditional practices, spirituality, and holistic properly-being have visible a upward push in popularity currently. For individuals who are interested in having profound connections with nature and the cosmos, this revival has reintroduced Moon Water to the general public’s attention.

The Lunar Connection, second

Hydro energy and Moon Phases

Various moon stages are idea to harness distinct energies that diffuse into the water during the moon-charging manner. Lunar water has special residences relying at the phase of the moon: full, new, waxing, and waning.

Human Behavior Effects

Moon Water proponents preserve that through eating or the use of Moon Water, humans can align their energies and emotions with the lunar phases, doubtlessly setting up harmony with their nicely-being and the herbal rhythms of life.

Religious and cultural perspectives

Many cultures have worshipped the moon as a divine pressure all through records. In rituals and ceremonies, moon water is still a essential component that acts as a conduit for holiness, spirituality, and divine blessings.

Making Moon Water, third

Selecting the Proper Night

Making Moon Water requires deciding on the proper night. Specific intentions paintings excellent at some stage in one-of-a-kind lunar levels, so it is essential to cautiously take into account a way to healthy the intention with lunar electricity.

Selecting a water vessel

It is thought that the choice of water storage box throughout charging has an effect on electricity absorption. The transmission of lunar power can be advanced through changing the item’s fabric, shape, or size.

Getting Moon Energy

The water-crammed box of choice is about underneath the moonlight to collect lunar strength. Based on intentions and the lunar section underneath attention, this technique might differ barely.

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