Israel-Hamas Conflict War LIVE Updates: Death toll surpasses 2,400, Israel to arm civilians in border towns

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live Updates: Israel has re-established control over the Gaza border, where Hamas terrorists had disrupted the blockade during their bloody weekend attacks, digging tunnels.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live Updates: Hamas fighters fired more than 5,000 rockets towards Israel from Gaza on Saturday, resulting in over 2,400 casualties and many others injured. Air raid sirens blared across the country, signaling a new phase of intense fighting. Israel has declared a complete lockdown on the Gaza Strip, intensifying its grip, as Palestinians prepare for another Nakba to endure. A senior official revealed that Hamas is ready for ceasefire talks with Israel.

Israel reported finding the bodies of 1,500 Hamas fighters after the battle in Gaza. It claims to have significantly secured the Gaza border and is evacuating surrounding cities, where a fierce battle has raged outside Palestinian territories for several days. By Tuesday, the bodies of 1,500 Hamas fighters were recovered.

Fears of regional conflict intensify amid concerns of Israeli ground incursion in Gaza’s border areas. It’s the volatile region from where Hamas initiated attacks on Israel on the Sabbath, targeting Israeli land, air, and sea assaults.

A Hamas leader rejects the swap of prisoners before a ‘ceasefire.’

hamas war

According to updates from The Times of Israel, Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas, said that the issue of prisoner exchange will be dealt with only after the end of the war. In a statement, Haniyeh allegedly said that the issue of swapping prisoners will be addressed through mediation to release detainees.

Netanyahu government announces expansion to include the opposition. According to The Guardian’s report, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party has announced that all members of its coalition have agreed to expand the government to include opposition politicians. Creating a ‘national emergency government’ will unify the deeply divided nation during the crisis.

The idea of a ‘national unity government’ aims to unite a country deeply divided by intense domestic political disagreements during a crisis.

Israel to arm citizens in cities near borders.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has announced plans to arm civilian security teams, especially in cities near the borders, along with mixed Jewish-Arab cities and West Bank settlements, with 10,000 rifles. The Times of Israel reported this development.

Red Cross chief issues warning of ‘humanitarian disaster.

‘Mirjana Spoljaric, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross, has urged parties to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law and to take every possible step to protect civilians. “Without immediate restraint, I fear we are heading towards a humanitarian disaster,” she wrote on Twitter.”

The death toll in Israel crosses 900.

The Israeli Air Force announced on social media that it has begun a comprehensive offensive against Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, the sudden Hamas attacks on Israel have resulted in a death toll of over 900.

The Israeli military says there is ‘no place for Hamas to hide.’

The Israeli military has continued its intense aerial assaults on the Gaza Strip. On Tuesday, the military stated that there is no place for Hamas terrorists to hide in Gaza, and its air force is conducting intensive airstrikes every four hours.

The number of casualties in Gaza exceeds 770 due to Israeli airstrikes. In response to the deadly Hamas attacks on Israel, the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has continued its relentless airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. As a result, more than 770 people have been killed in Gaza due to the ongoing aerial bombardment.

The Israeli police freeze Hamas’ cryptocurrency accounts.

The Israeli police have announced that its cyber unit has frozen cryptocurrency accounts used by the group to finance its activities. The police said that their cyber unit has frozen the cryptocurrency accounts used by Hamas for raising funds for the group’s activities. It was stated that the police worked with the defense ministry and other national intelligence agencies.

israel hamas war

Potential summoning of medical students, health workers by Israel. According to The Times of Israel, the Israeli government is considering calling up medical and health students to serve in hospitals. Medical, nursing, and health profession students who were not called up for IDF reserve duty may be called up to serve in the healthcare system for a limited period with pay.

The future of Gaza residents looks bleak. However, residents say that there is no real way to escape Gaza, which has been under a suffocating 16-year blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt. When war erupts, as it has four times since Hamas, an Islamist terrorist group, took power in a coup in 2007, even the facilities provided by the United Nations, considered safe zones, risk becoming involved in the fighting. The UN said on Sunday that an airstrike had directly hit one of its shelters, and on Monday, schools were hit, becoming five other shelters.

In Gaza, Palestinians constantly move from one place to another, but they know they are not safe anywhere.

According to a report by the Associated Press (AP), over 180,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been sheltered in United Nations facilities because Israeli warplanes targeted a small area with a population of 2.3 million after the recent intense attacks by Hamas militants on Israel.

The United Nations reminded Israel of its responsibility towards “extra civilians.” The UN Human Rights Chief mentioned on Tuesday that Israeli aerial campaigns have targeted residential buildings, schools, and UN structures in Gaza, resulting in civilian casualties.

Reuters reported, “International humanitarian law is clear: continuous care is required to protect civilian population and civilian objects during military operations.”

In response to the announcement by Israel’s defense minister regarding strict restrictions for Gaza, Turkey stated that “blockade” endangering civilian lives is prohibited under international law.

Three French citizens were killed in Hamas attacks on Israel. According to an AP report, French MP Meyer Habib said on RTL Radio that a third French individual was killed in the attacks by Hamas on southern Israeli cities during the weekend. The French Foreign Ministry had confirmed the first two French deaths and stated that at least 14 others were missing.

“Hammas is a monster… they have targeted women and children,” said an Israeli citizen returning home. At Addis Ababa airport, Israeli citizens were waiting in long queues for connecting flights back home. Many of them have been called up as reservists for the military. The spread of terror by Hamas has left them shocked. Among those returning home is Iris Samaria, who referred to Hamas militants as “monsters” for targeting women and children.

Israel-Hamas Live Conflict: PM Modi thanks Benjamin Netanyahu for his invitation. PM Modi thanked Benjamin Netanyahu for the call providing information about the situation in Israel, expressing strong solidarity with India’s ally.

Israel-Hamas Live Conflict: Biden says at least 11 Americans have been killed.

Gaza strip against Israel

More than 900 Israelis have been killed in the Hamas attacks that began on Saturday in Gaza. Most of them are civilians. Responding in his televised address in the evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the retaliatory action “has just begun,” and “what we do with the enemy will echo for generations.”

Israel-Hamas Live Conflict: Israel says no air intrusion from Syria or Lebanon after the alert. The Israeli military stated on Tuesday that it has not detected any air intrusion from Syria or Lebanon after scrambling jets in response to an alert.

Israel is on high alert in response to its Gaza war, where on Monday it foiled an infiltration attempt on the Lebanese border.

Israel-Hamas Live Conflict: Muslim scholars march to Kerala Raj Bhavan to show solidarity with Palestine’s ‘freedom fighters.’ A group of Sunni Muslim scholars from central and southern Kerala marched here on Tuesday to the Raj Bhavan, the official residence of Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, in support of soldiers defending Palestine.

A small faction of the Southern Kerala Jamiat Ulema, carrying a banner expressing solidarity with Palestine’s “freedom fighters” and shouting ‘La ilaha illallah’, marched from the heart of the state capital to the Raj Bhavan.

Israel-Hamas Live Conflict: Israeli airstrikes target homes and schools across Gaza – UN Chief of Human Rights. The UN Chief of Human Rights cited information compiled by his office to state on Tuesday that Israeli aerial campaigns have targeted residential buildings, schools, and UN buildings, among other residential structures, across Gaza, resulting in civilian casualties.

Volker Turk said in a statement, “International humanitarian law is clear: continuous care is required to protect civilian population and civilian objects during military operations.” (Reuters)

Israel-Hamas Live Conflict: Austria says planning evacuation flights from Israel on Wednesday. Chancellor Karl Nehammer said on Tuesday that Austria is planning to evacuate its citizens from Israel by military transport planes on Wednesday.

Nehammer told Puls 24 television on the sidelines of a trip to Turkey that about 200 Austrians have informed Austrian authorities that they want to leave Israel. The Foreign Ministry later asked Austrian nationals in Israel interested in the evacuation flight to contact the Austrian Embassy in Tel Aviv, which is coordinating the evacuation offer from Tel Aviv’s Austrian mission.

Nehammer said, “This is being done with Austrian armed forces. An aircraft is available, and the mission will start tomorrow.” He added that the flight would be to Cyprus. (Reuters)

Israel-Hamas Live Conflict: Iran’s Khamenei denies involvement in Hamas attacks on Israel.

According to an AFP report, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei denied on Tuesday any Iranian involvement in Hamas’ startling attacks on Israel, despite his strong support for Palestinian terrorist groups. In a speech, Khamenei stated: “In the past two or three days, some friends and agents of the Zionist regime (Israel) have been spreading different rumors, of which the claim that the Islamic Republic of Iran had a hand in it is part of that.”

The military academy. (AFP)

Israel-Hamas Live Conflict: What you need to know right now. Israel has claimed to regain control of the Gaza border and is mining areas in retaliation for the recent attacks on Palestinian territories in the aftermath of the weekend’s Hamas aerial attacks on the Palestinian area.

Israel-Hamas Live Conflict: Spain opposes suspending aid to Palestinian territories. Spain’s acting Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said on Tuesday that Spain opposes the proposed suspension of European Union aid to Palestinian territories.

He stated that, in fact, Palestinian territories will need more assistance in the near future after the Hamas attacks on the Gaza Strip following the Hamas attacks on Israeli cities and the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: ‘My Heart is Broken’, Families Fear Hamas-controlled Gaza

 Families of Thai laborers held captive by Hamas spoke about their fears regarding the safety of their loved ones in light of the ongoing conflict. Palestinian militant group Hamas had threatened to kill civilian prisoners during the war with Israel.

Since the sudden attacks on Israel by Hamas on Saturday, at least 18 Thai individuals have lost their lives, with 11 confirmed as prisoners. Hamas has taken approximately 150 people as hostages and has warned that if Israel continues airstrikes on Gaza, they will kill them one by one.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israeli Army Claims Hamas Has ‘Nowhere to Hide’ in Gaza


The Israeli military stated on Tuesday that there is “no place for Hamas operatives to hide” in Gaza, and the air force is conducting intensive airstrikes in Palestinian territories every four hours.

Chief military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hageri stated in a briefing, “We will reach them (Hamas) everywhere.”

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Vipro Says Its Employees in Israel Have Been Advised to Work from Home

IT company Vipro mentioned on Tuesday that it has 80 employees in Israel, all of whom are Israeli citizens, and their safety has been accounted for. The tech company has advised its employees to work from home until further notice and is monitoring their security.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: China Affirms Confirming Reported Chinese Casualties in Israel

The Foreign Ministry stated on Tuesday that China is trying to verify and confirm the information about reported Chinese casualties in the ongoing conflict in Israel.

Spokesperson Wang Wenbin commented in response to a report that two Chinese workers were killed near the Gaza border in Sderot.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Kerala Chief Minister Urges Foreign Minister Jaishankar to Ensure Safety of Indians in Israel

As the conflict continues between the Hamas terrorist organization and Israeli defense forces, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan urged Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar to intervene and ensure the safety of Indians in Israel.

Expressing concern about the situation of Indian citizens in Israel, Vijayan stated that approximately 7,000 of them are from Kerala and the ongoing conflict is putting them in extremely difficult circumstances, causing great distress to their families.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: After Israeli Attacks in Gaza

Palestinians on October 9, 2023, inspected the damage caused in Gaza City after sudden Hamas attacks following Israeli airstrikes.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Families Worried About the Safety of Captive Individuals Threatened by Terrorists

After Hamas crossed the heavily fortified barrier in Gaza and infiltrated the country a few hours after the sudden Hamas attacks on Saturday, Ahl Besorai made every effort to reach his sister. There was no response.

Shortly after, she learned from witnesses that terrorists had captured her, her husband, her teenage son, her daughter, and dozens of others. Now, the uncertainty about their fate has left Besorai and many other Israelis in a state of deep worry.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israel Prepares Troops for Next Phase of Conflict near Gaza

The Israeli military is establishing a base near the Gaza Strip to mobilize thousands of soldiers for the next phase of the response to Hamas attacks, planned in response to Saturday’s attacks by Hamas.

Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Richard Heshet told reporters in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, “Israel is preparing to respond in a very serious and aggressive way, and there will be more damage to lives and property.” “We all need to change our mindset here.” It’s not business as usual.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israeli Air Force Sends Planes to Europe to Bring Back Reserves to Reinforce Borders

The Israeli Air Force stated on Tuesday that it had sent planes to transport hundreds of Israelis back to reinforce the Gaza conflict as military reserves.

In a social media post, the IDF said its Hercules planes participated in an emergency airlift. It did not elaborate on where the reserved individuals were brought in from Europe.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Hamas Blinds Israel’s Surveillance Capability in Darkness

Amid facing one of the most sophisticated surveillance states on Earth, Hamas went dark. The attacks by the terrorist group on Saturday completely blindsided Israel’s national security apparatus – a startling fact given the range of attacks involving sea, air, and land, penetrating deep into Israeli territory.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israel Says Gaza’s Parliament and Civilian Ministries Are Legitimate Targets

In a briefing on Tuesday, Israel’s military spokesman stated that the attacks on Gaza’s parliament and civilian ministries were legitimate targets in the assault against Hamas.

Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hageri also stated that due to the Israeli air force being weaker, there may not be the same “level of determination” to warn targets before attacks. When asked if Israel sees Hamas’ civil government, such as the parliament and ministries, as legitimate targets, Hageri said, “If a gunman is firing rockets from there, it becomes a military target.”

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israeli Army Gains Full Control over Gaza Border

According to a report by The Times of Israel, Rear Admiral Daniel Hageri, the chief spokesman for the Israeli defense forces, declared emphatically on Tuesday that after destroying parts of the Gaza barrier by Hamas terrorists during the weekend attacks, the army has gained full control over the Gaza border.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israeli Army Strikes Gaza After Hamas Threatens Prisoners

Following Hamas’ threat to kill some of the captive individuals among the nearly 150 prisoners during the weekend’s attacks without any warning of continued aerial assaults, Israel launched a devastating airstrike on Hamas-controlled Gaza on Tuesday.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israeli Soldiers Scan an Area as Sirens Sound in Response to Rockets from Gaza

Israeli soldiers scan an area while sirens blare in response to rockets launched from Gaza toward Israel, near Sderot in southern Israel on October 9, 2023.

“Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Impact of Israel Gas Field Halt on Egypt’s Exports

According to officials, Israel is assessing the impact of halting production in its Tamar field on its plans to restart gas exports to Europe through Egypt.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: ‘Advising All Our Employees to Work from Home,’ says Wipro, with 80 employees working in Israel

Gaza Strip Southern Israel and parts of Egypt

Wipro has approximately 80 employees in Israel, all of whom are Israeli citizens and accounted for. We are advising all our employees in the country to work from home until further notice and to follow the local government’s security measures. We are closely monitoring the situation and are prepared to activate business continuity plans in case of further developments.

In the past few days, the incidents that have unfolded deeply sadden us. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the ongoing conflict.

Wipro’s response to questions on employees in Israel.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israeli Army Calls for Palestinians to Flee to Egypt

The Israeli army modified its call on Tuesday, urging Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to escape to Egypt, amending an earlier statement that had suggested they should flee the Palestinian Gaza Strip through its aerial assaults, with a subsequent statement mentioning that the main crossing at the border is currently closed.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht, addressing foreign journalists, stated that they would advise Palestinian refugees at the Rafah crossing on the southern border of Gaza to “exit” to Egypt.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Army Says ‘Partial Control’ Established at Gaza Border

The Israeli army states that ‘partial control’ has been established at the Gaza border.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israeli Army Claims Finding ‘About 1,500 Bodies’ of Hamas Militants in Israel

About ‘1,500 bodies’ of Hamas militants found in Israel: Army

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israel Strikes Gaza City and Mobilizes 300,000 Reserve Soldiers on the Fourth Day of Conflict

Following a vow of a retaliatory action against the Islamic extremist group by Israel’s Prime Minister, and in response to the ongoing escalation of violence, Israeli fighter jets pounded Gaza City on Tuesday morning, where the Hamas government is based, in a relentless bombing campaign.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Sydney Police Investigating Anti-Palestinian Protest at Opera House

Australian police stated on Tuesday that they were investigating an anti-Palestinian protest outside the Sydney Opera House, where footage showed a small group chanting anti-Jewish slogans during a demonstration.

Approximately 1,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched to the iconic Opera House in Sydney on Monday evening, which had been lit in the colors of the Israeli flag by the government in a show of solidarity following Hamas’ Saturday attacks, claiming more than 900 lives.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: North Korea Holds Israel Responsible for Gaza Bloodshed

North Korean state media held Israel responsible for the bloodshed in Gaza on Tuesday, marking the first military clash between Israel and the Islamic group Hamas.

Rodong Sinmun, the mouthpiece of the ruling Workers’ Party, published a brief article on the conflict and casualties, referencing foreign media reports.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israeli Military Spokesperson Advises Palestinians to Flee Gaza Strikes for Egypt

An Israeli military spokesperson advised Palestinians to flee the Gaza strikes and head to Egypt.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: ‘Supporting Palestine is Not New for India,’ says Sanjay Raut

Shiv Sena (Yuba) Member of Parliament, Sanjay Raut, stated, ‘Supporting Palestine is not new for India. When Palestine was formed during Indira Gandhi’s time, India was the first country to support it. Not only us, but even Atal Bihari Vajpayee supported it.’ This comes in response to Congress passing a resolution supporting Palestine amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Concerns Arise for Families of Hostages as Terrorists Make Them Human Shields

Following Hamas’ successful breach of Israel’s heavily fortified barrier and entry into the country from Gaza, Ahel Besorai made every effort to reach his sister. There was no response. Soon after, he learned from witnesses that the terrorists had captured him, his husband, his teenage son and daughter, along with dozens of others. Now, uncertainty about their fate has left Besorai and many other Israelis in agony.

Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Austria Says Three Dual Citizens Could be Among Hamas Kidnappers

Austria’s Foreign Ministry stated in a statement on Tuesday that three Austrian-Israeli dual citizens could be among those kidnapped by Hamas in the Saturday attacks in Gaza. The ministry stated, ‘The three Austrian-Israeli dual citizens who had recently arrived independently in southern Israel may also be among the various international abductees. There isn’t any formal confirmation as of yet.'”






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